Top 5 New CBD Edibles

Top 5 New CBD Edibles

  1. CBD Living CBD Chocolate Bar

    Taking what they’ve learned from their CBD Living Water and applying it to a more tasty form of
    consumption, they’re excited to bring you CBD Living Chocolates. The most common way to
    deliver cannabinoids to the body is by ingesting and now you can do so while satisfying your
    sweet tooth with their chocolate bars. 100mg of CBD to help sore muscles, aches and pains,
    inflammation, and numerous other plaguing ailments. Chocolate for living.

  2. CBD Vanilla Bean Mini Cookies – 150mg CBD

    They thought that the most medicinal cannabinoid they offer should be in the form of the most
    uniquely simple confection, the sugar cookie. Theirs has an extra bit of deliciousness with it’s
    focus on a very tasty vanilla bean paste as an ingredient. The final product is an incredibly
    soft and inviting experience that’s sure to appease even the pickiest eaters. 10 Per Pack

  3. CBD Sugar-Free Bar 100mg CBD/ 25mg THC

    A rich and silky chocolate treat to tempt your taste buds. Also ideal for diabetics. CBD, or cannabidiol, has been reported to have great anti-inflammatory properties for body aches and muscle pain. All of their CBD products are scientifically formulated to have just the right amount of THC to increase your overall well being. Also ideal for diabetics. Each bar has pre-portioned sections by 25mg of CBD. This bar contains a total of 100mg of CBD.

    For edible dosage, they suggest taking it slow, most edibles take 2 hours to fully hit your system. Remember you can always eat more, you never can eat less.

  4. 1:1 CBD Churro – 200mg

    All the flavor of a Cinnamon Churro rolled up into delicious mini vegan cookies.
    Each childproof resealable pouch contains 100mg CBD + 100mg THC. 10mg CBD + 10mg
    THC per cookie. 10 cookies per pouch. (1:1 Ratio). Be whisked away to your happy place, all
    while enjoying the therapeutic benefits of CBD. VEGAN, 1:1 RATIO.

  5. CBD Chocolate Bar – Pretzel Crunch 100mg

    Their baking methods, ingredients and quality control processes are all designed to make your
    experience the same each time you enjoy our products. They utilize multiple independent lab
    testing sources to ensure our methods meet a higher standard of medical cannabis.  11
    Delicious Flavors: Blackberry*, Blueberry, Cocoa Nibs*, Espresso, Lemon*, Mint Cookie,
    Raspberry, Sea Salt, Tangerine, Toffee*, Tropical *Available with a CBD/THC Blend


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