Santa Cruz is where it all began, the start of California’s original cannabis cookie. Big Pete’s Treats are made from real cannabutter. Hence, their cookies are always fresh and delicious.

  As a young man, Big  Pete grew cannabis and baked cookies. As a result, he devoted himself to creating consistent, wonderful edibles that harness the healing power of cannabis-infused butter. After 6 years in Hawaii, Pete returned to Santa Cruz. Hence, he started his business in 2009. He focused on helping people with medical cannabis. As weed became legal, Big Pete realized he needed help. So his son Pete Jr.and daughter Katie learned how to navigate through a newly legal, quickly evolving industry. Big Pete’s Treats have entered contests and won awards. Thus earning shelf space in over 100 California dispensaries. Most importantly, positive testimonials from patients affirm that Big Pete’s Treats have helped people in countless ways.

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