Best TV Shows To Binge Watch High

Best TV Shows to Binge-Watch High

You may be the type of person to get high and enjoy kicking back and turning on the TV. It can be hard to choose what to watch sometimes. There are so many options nowadays. You can watch stoner movies, but maybe you want something easier to digest than a 2-hour movie. Well, do not […]

Music Videos You Need To Watch High

When you’re winding down from a long day, you just want to enjoy a good high. Music pairs perfectly with this, who doesn’t love to set the mood with some tunes? The perfect music can also make for a great 420 experience. Music can help us enjoy our high even more, and the right visuals […]

420 Celebration Ideas under Covid Regulations

420 Celebration Ideas under COVID Regulations

We’ve reached the COVID-19 anniversary. Cheers to us who made it through this unpredictable year, and cheers to the green that helped us through it. Compared to last year, the state regulations are much lighter. This is thanks to the declining numbers of COVID-19 cases and the distribution of vaccines. We can now get together […]

Stoner Movies To Watch During Quarantine

Wow! 2020 has been one hell of a year hasn’t it? Who knew that the end of the world would happen in slow motion? Over the past ten months, the headlines have been a barrage of bad news with seemingly progressive levels of suck. First Australia was on fire, then World War 3 almost started […]

Amazing Women-Owned Cannabis Businesses

Women-owned Cannabis Businesses

The cannabis industry has been booming in business and in just a few short years has allowed many people to start a new business. It has been an awesome way to develop a relationship with the local community and has truly helped a ton of people relax or with the many ailments that marijuana has […]

Must Have Gear

Best New Gear

Below is a list of the best gear for you to get your smoke’n’toke on. There’s a variety of equipment such as vape batteries, rolling papers, torches, bongs, dab tools, hand pipes, dipsticks, and grinders ROVE Battery + Charger Power your vaping experience with the ROVE Battery + Charger. Designed to perfectly pairwith Rove cartridges, this […]

Popular New CBD Topicals

CBD Topicals

Below is a list of the 10 best new CBD topicals. Organic Sleep Balm 100mg CBD When a racing mind or anxiety get in the way of a good night’s rest, apply some of Made From Dirt’s Sleep Balm for all-natural relief. This Sleep Balm is made with 100 mg of CBD as well as […]

Popular New Drinks

Best New Drinks

Below is a list of the best new Drinks. Grapefruit Sparkling Juice – 10mg Gearing up for an energetic day in the sun? Try California Dreamin’ Grapefruit. California Dreamin’ offers its THC-infused beverages in a variety of flavors. Each 11.2-ounce bottle contains 10 mg of THC for mild enhancement of your social activities.  California Dreamin’ starts with premium […]

Popular Weed Brands

5 Weed Brands

Check out the top weed brands at South Coast Safe Access. Here we have Korova, STIIIZY, Chong’s Choice,Purple Frost Genetics Venice Cookie Company VCC Brands creates a world where cannabis is consumed in a spirit of wellness, freedom, and fun. They are committed to collaborating with other industry leaders, researchers, regulators and policymakers to create […]

Popular THC Vapes

THC Vapes

Below is a list of the top 5 THC vapes. EXXUS – Snap Vape Kit Exxus is proud to offer the snap vape kit. This is one of their latest offerings to those who vape essential oils, but it follows in the footsteps of their other great devices like their Exxus GO. This is a great […]