7 Best Strains For College Students

Best strains for college students

September brings new beginnings and journeys. For many college students, it means the beginning of a new semester. The college experience is an unforgettable time where you learn new things and meet new people. On the other hand, it’s also a challenging and stressful time. The amount of hard work many students put into their […]

How To Grow Your Own Cannabis Plant

How to grow your own cannabis plant

Wondering how to grow your own cannabis plant? Well, we’ve got you covered. Despite the popular belief that it is a hard plant to grow, growing your own weed can be easy and rewarding. All you need is the right information and tools. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll be covering how to grow […]

What are Terpenes? Cannabis Terpene Facts

What are terpenes?

Some strains of marijuana have a certain smell. Some smells you enjoy and can make you smile. Others can make your nose wrinkle from the intensity of the aroma. The effects of the aroma can almost seem as intoxication as ingestion of the substance. From light, sweet smells to heavy diesel smells, marijuana aromas are […]

Sativa vs Indica: What’s the Difference?

Sativa v. S. Indica: what's the difference?

If you’re a long-time smoker, you’re used to hearing the terms Sativa v.s. Indica. Even if you’re new to weed, you may have heard of the terms. These terms help us distinguish different strains. If you look at any shelf on a dispensary, you’ll most likely run across these terms. Some people prefer sativa and […]

Popular New Hybrid Flowers

Hybrid flowers

Below is a list of the top 5 new hybrid flowers. Korova – Siberian Tiger, 3.5g Hybrid Flowers Siberian Tiger densest nugs of The 3 Russians. Sharp, sour scent to it. Hint of the Gelato due to the PCG Sherbet lineage. Matt from Customer Service won’t shut up about it. 1 of 3 new strains in the […]

Popular New Sativa Flowers

New sativa flowers

Below is a list of 5 sativa flowers. Lemon Peel Loaded with citrus lemon aromas and flavor to match, Lemon Peel won’t disappoint. Ignite’s sativa-dominant strain is a stress reliever that delivers a full body high that is smooth and consistent from start to finish. Perfect for working solo or socializing, it will leave you […]

The Best Uses for Sativa

Sativa mind

Sativa is a form of Cannabis, and may have been originally cultivated in South America or Southeast Asia, because of its need for lots of sun, but has now been cultivated worldwide, and is found nearly everywhere except the Arctic and Antarctica, although people who live in those regions could grow the plants inside. Many […]

The Best Uses for Indica

Indica body

Uses for Indica, which is a form of Cannabis, was originally cultivated in Afghanistan in the Hindu Kush region, or the area around Tibet. The plant thrived in the harsh climate. A botanist who found the plant in India gave it the scientific name Cannabis Indica, and the plant gradually found its way over into […]

Most Popular New Strands Coming to an Orange County Dispensary Near You

Orange county dispensary - marijuana bud

There are always new strands coming and going in the market. It is a time for change and that means being able to find the right change through the right product that you purchase. Putting your money down on something that is not going to deliver the results you seek is not something anyone wants […]

Have a Full-on Menu with South Coast Safe Access

Marijuana shop

While searching for a dispensary in Orange County, a lot of times you might find one here or there, but they need to provide a decent selection. You don’t want to go to one that does not have what you’re looking for. With South Coast Safe Access, you can be sure that the menu is […]