The Benefits of Cannabis and Exercise

The Benefits of Cannabis and Exercise

When someone thinks of a stoner, they usually imagine a stereotype. One might envision someone laying on a couch surrounded by a haze of smoke and half-eaten snacks. It’s how we usually see stoners portrayed in the media, so it’s no surprise that you might think that as well. But the truth is that cannabis […]

Cannabis Effects on Chronic Pain

Cannabis Effects on Chronic Pain

We know that CBD has positive effects when treating anxiety and stress, but what about THC? It has long been suggested by the cannabis community that consuming cannabis has positive effects. Many people claim it helps with all sorts of things. Such as their productivity, mental health, and even physical health. Well now, there is […]

Cannabis Scholarship for College Students

Cannabis Scholarship for College Students

A Michigan University is now offering a cannabis scholarship for its college students. This is an achievement for many people who have been pushing for cannabis education in higher education schools. In 2019, the first ever cannabis chemistry college program became available. The Lake Superior State University (LSSU) in Michigan established a chemistry program focused […]


Quarantine and Cannabis

Since coronavirus hit the scene and screwed pretty much everything up most people have been stuck inside their houses. With not much to do, many have resorted to getting high to pass the time. Nothing makes vegging out and watching movies or playing video games more enjoyable than a toke or a strong edible. In […]

Pot Stocks in a Pandemic

cannabis stocks

The coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the world with a ferocity and tenacity that has not been seen in recent history. It has impacted every corner of our existence severely from the mundane to aspects with far-ranging importance. Our lives will be forever altered by this virus and its economic devastation. If one thing is […]

CBD and Coronavirus: Facts and Myths

If one thing is certain it is that the coronavirus has taken hold of the world and instilled fear in us all. There are many claims floating around out there of “snake oils” and magical cures to rid yourself of the virus. Many are talking about what helps prevent, treat, and cure COVID. In fact, […]

Does Smoking Weed Increase Your Chances of COVID-19?

How Does COVID Affect the Lungs? Covid-19 is a respiratory disease that causes pneumonia and primarily affects the respiratory tract which includes your lungs. It can cause a huge range of breathing problems from those that are very mild to those that put people in critical condition. Older adults who have underlying conditions such as […]

Google and the Marijuana Industry

Google & Marijuana Industry

Even though nine states have currently legalized marijuana industry, either for recreational use or for medicinal use, it is still difficult for medical marijuana dispensaries in the OC, edibles shops, or dispensaries in Los Angeles to get information out about their products. In addition, businesses that help growers of marijuana with seeds and other equipment […]

Epilepsy and Marijuana: What You Should Know

Epilepsy & Marijuana

The FDA just released their statement showing that they back the medicine that is aimed at helping those with epilepsy. This medication is a breakthrough in medical technology and it is going against what a lot of medical professionals once thought regarding marijuana. Marijuana has made headlines for a lot of reasons and this is […]

Shot in the Arm for the Economy: Medical Marijuana is Climbing the List

Economy Medical Marijuana

As new pages turn in life, so does the ability to grow and prosper in many different areas of business. One of these areas is Marijuana. Not only can you expect to find that the marijuana industry is booming and growing at substantial levels, but it is also a part of the economy that many […]