New Weed Platform by Berner and Weedmaps

New Weed Platform By Berner and Weedmaps

Weedmaps and founder and co-creator of Cookies Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr., better known as his stage name Berner, have something special in the works for weed fanatics. Together, they’ll be launching a new social media site that’s cannabis-friendly. This is in response to other social media platforms that have anti-weed policies. These policies result in many people becoming banned for their content related to weed. Many will stop posting about their weed or weed-related activities due to fear of getting shut down. Similarly, this also affects cannabis businesses that are trying to promote their brand through these social media platforms. This new weed platform by Berner and Weedmaps will ensure that businesses and creators have the space to share their weed content. 

New Weed Platform by Berner and Weedmaps

According to rapper and cannapreneur (cannabis entrepreneur) Berner, social media platforms have been working hard to shut down cannabis-related posts. This is especially true on Facebook and Instagram. In fact, Berner reports that his business account was deleted from Instagram back in 2014 due to weed-related content. 

Luckily, he was able to earn his account back, but also notes that others aren’t as fortunate. Social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, have to be diligent in not allowing the promotion of cannabis due to the federal government. Under federal law, cannabis is classified as a Schedule I drug. It shares the title with other drugs, such as heroin, LSD, and ecstasy as being a drug “with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” Berner expresses how challenging it’s been attempting to promote his Cookies brand on social sites in fear of policy violations. 

The new weed platform by rapper Berner and Weedmaps will be on It’s being developed as a space where cannabis brands, retailers, creators, and consumers can share and enjoy weed content more freely. Apparently, this platform has been in the works since 2015, so many fans are excited about this launch. 

The new social network will be powered by Weedmaps. This means there will be a rating and review system for strains, shops, and dispensaries. 

How To Not Get Banned For Weed Content

It’s possible to get banned for simply sharing your experience with cannabis. For many cannabis brands, it’s difficult to promote your product while avoiding policy violations. How do you talk about weed and weed-related subjects without talking about weed? Sounds impossible right? 

If you’re a cannabis brand or creator, we have a few tips to avoid getting banned on social media. This information is not intended to substitute legal advice. 

  • Hashtag Responsibly 
    • Hashtags on social media go a long way. Many social media users use them as a way to engage with their desired community, such as #blogger or #fitnesslifestyle. Unfortunately, it’s a little harder for the cannabis community to do so because useful tags, such as #cannabis or #weedcommunity, are usually used to find and ban accounts. It’s important to be careful with how you phrase your hashtags. Additionally, users on TikTok have developed creative ways to discuss cannabis without getting banned. They use substitutes such as “ouid” or “w33d” instead of weed. 
  • Avoid the Plant
    • The easiest way to get banned or have your account deleted is to post images of cannabis. AI technology has been developed to detect cannabis at any stage: flower, nugs, etc. In 2019, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg performed a demonstration of his AI photo scanning system detecting cannabis against broccoli to prove its ability. 
  • Focus on Education 
    • Cannabis can be discussed on social media if the intention is education rather than promotional sales. In fact, accredited publications often discuss cannabis in a research-based and educational manner. If you’re a cannabis content creator or a cannabis company, redirect your content towards ethically educating the public about cannabis. You can discuss the effects of cannabis, terpenes, legal issues, etc. This can also help build trust between you and your audience. 
  • Join Social Media Trends
    • By taking the previous tips into consideration, it may be helpful to hop on a viral trend. TikTok and Instagram often have trends for content creators to participate in. Cannabis doesn’t have to be explicitly mentioned or displayed in order to convey the message. Subtle messages work great, and usually, your intended audience will understand. 
  • Focus on Your Unique Story
    • Don’t forget to distinguish yourself from other creators and brands. By focusing on your unique story instead of focusing on products or consumption helps create a narrative your audience can connect to. Not only do you avoid potentially getting banned, but it can deliver your story to a wider audience. 
  • Don’t attempt direct sales
    • Attempting a direct sale on social media can result in your account getting banned, or even deleted. As mentioned previously, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. In order to avoid this, do not discuss prices or any monetary language on your account since it could imply a sale. If you’re a company, always redirect your consumers to your privately-owned website.
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